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Intermodal Shipping is a world leader in global logistics for all size companies; we maximize the reach of your international sales and distribution efforts, offering consultation and operations for a seamless supply chain solution!.

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Intermodal Shipping is a global leading agent for exports from the United States.



We offer a wide variety of international import and customs brokerage services designed to suit the needs of your businesses worldwide.


Amazon FBA

We provide customs clearance and delivery of Amazon FBA shipment to all Amazon FBA warehouses.


Intermodal Shipping offers premium logistics services to global businesses in need of unsurpassed knowledge and expertise. We pride ourselves on our hard earned reputation as a ground breaking freight forwarder with the courage and know how to tackle the most challenging logistics projects.

Global importers to the USA often require clerical efficiency and an in depth knowledge of customs compliance regulations at a moments notice. Intermodal Shipping will handle all documents helping you with the importing legal document process letting you focus on your business.


Our experience with cargo professionals around the globe let us handle air and ocean cargoes in one seamless transaction on your behalf. We are the in house logistics department for exporting and importing companies across the globe, streamlining the shipping process and cutting costs along the way.

Intermodal Shipping will become part of your business, we will be an extension; coordinating the flow of your goods across international borders with the utmost care. WCS speeds up your imports while also saving you money, leaving you to worry about nothing but running your business.

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